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Online course

Remember anything

Remember better, both in your studies and in everyday life.

Techniques of the memory champions

Learn the techniques that memory masters use to learn anything from whole books to digits of pi.

Principles of effective recall

Learn the principles of how your brain organizes information and how memory techniques can help you improve your learning dramatically.

Place method, chain method, mnemonics

With these simple but powerful techniques, you can make learning easier and more fun.

Learning large entities

When used correctly, memory techniques are an excellent way to help in learning even large amounts of content.

Memory techniques in learning

Use the best techniques based on your strengths and the subject you are studying.

Memory techniques in everyday life

Learn to remember the names of all the people you meet, things you need to do, important numbers and much more.

Why you should take the course

Wouldn't it be fun to remember what you learn quickly and be able to recall it even after a long time? How would it feel to go to a test or exam with the facts at your fingertips?

In this course you will learn everything you need to know about memory and especially how to develop it. Effective memory is not based on individual characteristics but on methods of storing information in the long-term memory and retrieving it when needed.

The course is designed with learning and studying in mind, so it is particularly useful for example, for university or high school students. However, anyone can benefit from a better memory, and the course can be recommended to anyone who is interested in developing their memory!

Course contents

  • 1

    Getting started

    An introduction to the course topics and how to complete the course.

  • 2

    How memory works

    You'll learn how your memory works, the principles by which the brain organizes information, and how memory techniques can help you improve your learning significantly.

  • 3

    Location method

    The place method will help you learn to remember even large amounts of information easily and, most importantly, in a fun way.

  • 4

    Chain method and mnemonics

    With the chain method and mnemonics, you can make any kind of learning easier and more effective. You will learn to remember even small details in a way that is most natural for your brain.

  • 5

    Remembering numbers and patterns

    Learn to remember even long sequences of numbers using a logical and easy-to-follow system.

  • 6

    Learning large amounts of information using memory techniques

    Memory techniques are ideal for learning large amounts of information. You will learn how they can be applied, for example, in preparation for the law entrance exam.

  • 7

    Memory for everyday and special occasions

    Learn to remember the names of all the people you meet, things you need to do and, above all, how to win quizzes and card games.

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