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Pauli Raivio·March 8, 2023·11 min read
How to prepare for entrance exams - 5 tips

If you want to get into the college or university of your dreams, an entrance exam can be one of the most important exams you ever take. You want to be prepared. But no matter how motivated and determined you are, it's not just the amount of work you put in that guarantees success. More importantly, it's the…

Pauli Raivio·March 2, 2023·5 min read
How to beat exam nerves - optimize your performance in an exam or test

Even if the outcome wasn't very important, you're almost always nervous about a test or exam. Tension is a perfectly natural reaction when we unconsciously feel threatened or are in a situation that requires extra resources. Of course, a test in school does not pose a physical threat, but the level of…

Pauli Raivio·February 26, 2023·7 min read
How to improve your concentration?

It's very easy to plan to study for two hours every day for the next five days, after which we will be ready for an exam. With these plans, studying is always focused and uninterrupted. We get a lot done and even progress faster than our target pace. Great! But reality is almost always far from this utopia…

Pauli Raivio·February 19, 2023·6 min read
Spaced repetition is the cornerstone of effective learning

Does the following series of events sound familiar: You are going to study for the exam for a total of 10 hours and the exam is in five days. You plan your study schedule so that you study for 2 hours every day and get an A on the exam. In reality, on the last night before the exam, you wake up on YouTube, ad…

Pauli Raivio·February 12, 2023·7 min read
How to improve your reading speed

One of the more traditional and still by far the most used way of learning is reading. Every learner has probably wondered at one time or another whether it would be possible to complete a reading task more quickly. After all, speed is efficiency, and who wouldn't want to be efficient? So can you improve your…

Pauli Raivio·February 3, 2023·9 min read
10 tips for more effective studying in 2023

It's the beginning of the year, so of course it's only right to promise to do better and be a better person than last year. There are also plenty of ways to make studying more effective and easier, and it's worth at least looking into them. Best of all, if you get your new routines right, you can actually get…

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