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Pauli Raivio·March 8, 2023·11 min read
How to prepare for entrance exams - 5 tips

If you want to get into the college or university of your dreams, an entrance exam can be one of the most important exams you ever take. You want to be prepared. But no matter how motivated and determined you are, it's not just the amount of work you put in that guarantees success. More importantly, it's the…

Pauli Raivio·March 2, 2023·5 min read
How to beat exam nerves - optimize your performance in an exam or test

Even if the outcome wasn't very important, you're almost always nervous about a test or exam. Tension is a perfectly natural reaction when we unconsciously feel threatened or are in a situation that requires extra resources. Of course, a test in school does not pose a physical threat, but the level of…

Pauli Raivio·February 9, 2023·8 min read
Best ways to study for a test or exam

Most learners have a good command of the methods of receiving and acquiring information. In practice, this means reading or in some other way passively going through their study materials. Stumbling starts at the point when you need to do something with the information, for example, apply it in an exam. The…

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