Effective learning belongs to everyone

We believe that learning is one of the most important skills to develop. We are a Finnish start-up company that aims to help anyone develop their own learning skills and make themselves a better learner.

Why Opinta

The amount of knowledge about human learning is constantly growing through research in many different disciplines. Yet this knowledge has not reached students and learners very effectively. Old-fashioned, passive and absorptive learning methods are still by far more popular than more effective active learning methods.

On the other hand, learning is much more than just learning techniques. It is a holistic process which also involves concentration, motivation, alertness and time management. Effective learning is a skill that develops through practice and small changes.

We set up Opinta to support all learners, so that everyone has the opportunity to develop their own learning skills and become a better learner.

Our values

Lifelong learning

Learning continues throughout life. We are willing to challenge our old beliefs and constantly strive to improve ourselves and Opinta in the light of new knowledge.


We are honest with ourselves and with our customers. We strive to provide only information and practices that have a strong basis in scientific research and that we have tested in our own studies.

Respect for people

Opinta is for all learners. Each learner is an individual with his or her own goals and skills. We want to help everyone find the learning style and methods that suit them best.

Focus on what matters

Today's world is full of information and different things fighting for our attention. There is simply not enough time to do and study everything. With Opinna, we want to help everyone to focus on what is important and relevant in their own learning.

Who's behind Opinta

Hi, I'm Pauli Raivio

Pauli Raivio

Learning new things and developing my own learning skills has always been a passion of mine. Since high school, I have been testing different learning and memory techniques and constantly striving to improve myself.

I am a history and social studies teacher by training and will soon also have a master's degree in general education. I am currently working as a teacher and also have a long experience in sports coaching.

Opinta is the result of thousands of hours spent learning, teaching, and writing about how to become a better learner. To Opinta, I have collected in an accessible format all the essentials of what I have learned over the last 15 years, and I can't wait to share it with you.

Have fun learning!