Completely new Opinta launching soon!

Our old courses are no longer available, but we are soon launching a whole new Opinta experience. Everything you need to know about learning and improving yourself will be covered in easily digestable lessons.

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What our courses cover

Learning techniques

Learn the most effective learning techniques for you, based on current research. Also learn how to choose the best techniques for the subject you are studying.


Learn the techniques used by memory masters to memorise anything from numbers to large amounts of content, making both your daily life and your studies easier.

Goals and planning

Learn how to create realistic and measurable study goals and a plan to reach them.


Learn how to apply both intense concentration and more relaxed, diffuse attention to your studies.


Learn what motivation is and what to do when it's lost.

Time management and prioritization

Use your time wisely and prioritize what really matters over what doesn't.

Preparing for exams

Learn how to revise effectively, relieve unnecessary tension and maximise your success on test day.

Stress management

Learn how to combat excess stress before it even has a chance to build up.

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